1984 Alert: FB Shuts Down An Anti-Illegal Alien Caravan Page

You know we’re in strange days when a group founded in support of obeying the law becomes controversial.

We are a nation of laws. Or at least, we are supposed to be.

That’s the whole point of Lady Justice wearing that blindfold.

Back at the Boston Massacre, this important principle gave the Redcoats the right to a fair trial, instead of mob justice. And no less a man than John Adams stood in their defense.

The alternative to being a nation of laws is an endless tit-for-tat cycle of vigilante justice or a Wild West free-for-all, or else a gangland-style oppression of the weak by anyone strong and ruthless enough to exploit them.

Countries like that are the ones regular people tend to flee from.

It’s also why special treatment of the wealthy or politically connected should enrage us all.

So why is a page in support of the enforcing the laws currently on the books offensive to Orwellian Social Media gatekeepers? Because the page disagrees with the current politics of the Left.

Facebook has allegedly apologized for shutting down a page to promote a protest against a caravan of migrant in San Diego.

San Diegans for Secure Borders (SDSB) founder Jeff Schwilk claimed the social network shut down his page called ‘STOP the Caravan of 1500 Illegal Aliens from Mexico.’

He said Facebook took the page down on Friday night and only restored it on Saturday evening – hours after the protest was supposed to have begun.

‘Our event had been up for about four weeks and had about 950 people signed up to either attend or ‘interested’ in attending,’ Schwilk told Breitbart News Tonight.

He said he was locked out of his account for 30 days before Facebook emailed to say the event page had been restored after an ‘error.’
Source: DailyMail

The page was restored. But conveniently, the time for the rally that page was established to organize had already passed.

This is the site:

‘Oops’ they said.

Sorry, they said.

The Left is more than welcome to meet us in the realm of ideas. After all, they claim to like the Democratic process.

They are welcome to advocate a change in legislation if there are specific laws they feel are unjust. In fact, Donald Trump himself invited the Democrats to have a discussion about immigration earlier this year.

But that was NOT what they wanted. They would rather silence those they disagree with — just like Obama’s IRS ‘accidentally’ targeted Tea Party and Patriot themed groups in a year that he was seeking re-election.


Apologies are easier than permission, aren’t they?

That lines up neatly with the Twitter CEO’s tweet embracing ‘civil war’ and crushing the political Right, doesn’t it?

If you missed that little gem, here it is.
Leftist Want A ‘New Civil War’ – This Post Is Disturbing

The rally never materialized.

But somehow, organizers managed to get word out for rallies waving ‘refugees welcome’ signs, some even cheering as people climb the paltry border fence.

And of the two sides of this debate, only one had any known issues with their site.

If you think this will be the last such incident that just happens to tilt in favor of the political Left, I’ve got some ‘prime real estate’ in Florida for you.

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